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And The Winner Is….

Posted: September 8, 2011 by Book Minions in Uncategorized

Stacy H!


She hasn’t met anyone yet, but would love to meet Jane Eyre and have a “cuppa” with her.

Thank you to all who entered! We hope those of you who have not met any authors yet get your chance to do so soon!

The winner was chosen through


Back to the Books Giveaway Hop

Posted: September 1, 2011 by Book Minions in Giveaway

The Back to the Books Giveaway Hop is hosted by Kathy at  I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Heather at Buried In Books. The hop runs from September 1 (that’s TODAY!) through September 7 (that’s WEDNESDAY!)

It’s that time of year again, the yellow school buses are stopping through the neighborhood, crossing guards are stopping traffic, and Back to School supplies are on sale. I don’t know about you, but back-to-school shopping kind of makes me feel like a fan girl. All those cool lunch boxes and backpacks really makes me wish I was going to grade school rather than college.

But you know what else makes us feel like fan girls? Meeting some wonderful people whose works we admired. Case in point, the chance meeting we had with our favorite author, Lacey Weatherford who wrote the Of Witches and Warlocks series. Lacey, who happens to live in the same state as us, came down to the Valley of the Sun with her husband and cover models, her daughter Kamery and son-in-law Jake, for a baseball game and scrub shopping. We happened to be at the 5 and Diner restaurant in the same mall they went shopping at. We got ahold of Lacey and she was more than happy to come visit, and her family was starving. We’ve only seen Lacey from her tiny Twitter picture, so we did not have a good idea of what she looks like in person. Half-way through our meal, a lady in a red shirt walked through the door and came right over to us. First words out of her mouth were “Move!” Nice greeting, but Valerie obliged. We sat at the table for 2 hours, although it did not feel like it, talking about how Lacey came up with the book idea, where she got her character names from, and various other things. It was so awesome and Lacey is such a lovely, wonderful goofball. Sadly, it slipped our mind to take a picture with her. Next time!

We here at Book Minions are giving away a $25 gift card from! “How do I enter?” Well, we’re glad you asked! Why did we bring up our fan-girl moment? We would love to hear which of your favorite authors, or even cover models, you have met Haven’t met anyone? No problem! Just comment on which author, living or dead, would you love to meet and how you think you would react. Please include your e-mail address in your comment so we can notify you if you win!

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