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Since this is the Masquerade Blog Tour de Force, what better way than to unmask Lacey Weatherford’s leading man? Who is he? What’s his back story? Why do girls love him?

So, who is he?

The name is Mangum, Vance Mangum and he is just as mysterious as James Bond himself. When you are first introduced to him, depending on the edition of The Trouble With Spells you are reading, he seems to be a bit of a stalker. Always watching Portia’s movements and expressions. After reading a little bit more it all becomes very clear as to why he is looking after her: she is drawn to him. However, he cannot make contact with her until her 16th birthday. But what girl wouldn’t want the hottest guy in school to be watching their every move and take notice? Since Vance keeps to himself at school, there are various rumors spread like wild fire. But that’s the way Vance likes it. And in turn, that’s why we like it: he’s a bad boy!

What’s his story?

He is a very powerful, not to mention totally swoon worthy warlock. His dad, Damien Cummings, saw Vance’s powers manifest at a very early age and tried to steal his powers for himself. During a secretive journey Damien took Vance on his mother, Krista, followed and observed one of many exchanges of power. Krista decided she had to take Vance and run with him. She packed the car and ran off with Vance after his dad brought him home and Vance has been on the run ever since. Krista finally met a witch who belonged to a coven in Sedona, Arizona named Marsha and begged her to take Vance and raise him as her own nephew. Once in Sedona, he became part of the coven in which Marsha belongs. The coven is also run by none other than Portia’s Grandmother and father. Finally, Vance has found something close to a real family. But for how long? Damien is still searching for Vance and will not stop until he gets him.

Why do girls love him?

He is the mysterious bad boy who rides a motorcycle clad in a black leather jacket. Those baby blue eyes of his make you want to stare at him for hours. Not to mention, he protects his girl. And just forget about his steamy make-out sessions that make you super jealous of Portia. He’s the full package…. just not real. Or is he? Lacey had to come up with Vance somewhere, right? Well, the name came to her while on a road trip and noticed “Vance” on a sign along the highway. Combine that with a family friend’s name and you get Vance Mangum. But Vance’s reality doesn’t stop there. Any fan of a certain someone who reads the series will picture his every expression, as if it was turned into a movie already. Wouldn’t that be nice to see this wonderful story on the big screen?

But since it is a masquerade, you’ll have to figure out who Lacey’s muse is!

When he isn’t chasing the dream, he is searching for the Presidential tunnel to sneak Marilyn in.

When he can’t find the tunnel, he may roam around the sorority house looking for a roommate for his friend.

When the girls in a special area of California make a move on him, he may have to suck it up and lose the purity ring.

When he’s done with his good deeds, he might dabble in the dark side of life on the weekends.

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